About Me

Kristan Giordano

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

I spent years in a high-powered career always jumping from one challenge to the next. I jumped on every diet and workout fad through my 20’s and 30’s.  And they worked. If I over-indulged I would get an intense workout, eat salad for a few days and all was good.

As life got crazier with motherhood, work and middle-age …things started to shift. The quick fixes didn’t always work. I started to gain in areas I had never had to worry about before. But it wasn’t just the weight gain. It was the exhaustion. It was the burnout. It was the stress.  I was not physically chasing around after a little one, but I didn’t really know how to shift those years of energy spent on others back to me. Not just on the physical level but on the emotional level. I had spent years doing for everyone else…. what would it look like doing for me?

As I started to figure out the next chapter of my life… I began to look at my Health very different. I no longer felt the need to deprive myself or force myself to do extreme workouts that didn’t serve me.

I then decided to do the ultimate “me” thing. I quit my career in entertainment and  went back to school to study healthy aging  becoming a Board Certified Health Coach so I could learn all about the body and mind connection to our physical. I wanted science-based answers, but I didn’t want another checklist of to-dos. I wanted a whole lifestyle change.

I learned from my own experience and by working with many other women that we want different things as we hit midlife. Yes, we want to focus on those extra pounds that crept on while we were tending to everyone else. But we  also realize the importance overcoming brain fog , boosting energy, preventing age-related diseases, and finding a way to have less anxiety and more calm in our day to day. Most importantly we want to add some FUN back into our lives!

I now work with women to guide them to make simple life-style changes to see big differences in their life. Wellness should not be a chore it should be a lifestyle!